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Environmental Compliance

Waltz|Reeves’ environmental compliance and enforcement practice recognizes that successfully resolving environmental legal matters depends largely on a close familiarity with our clients’ operations. As such, we bring considerable experience to our clients on several fronts. Lawyers in the practice devote a significant amount of time to providing day-to-day consultation with clients on environmental compliance, audits, self-disclosures, and responding to threatened or actual litigation or government enforcement activities.

Our clients include contractors to superfund sites, engineering firms, chemical companies, construction companies, facility operators, individuals and small businesses, industrial and manufacturing companies, and oil and gas exploration and production entities. These clients range from multinational corporations to “mom-and-pop” convenience store operators and innocent property owners. Our lawyers’ diversity in age, experience and practice focus allows us to not only meet our clients’ needs, regardless of the size or subject, but also to utilize the firm’s resources in the most efficient and effective manner

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