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Governmental Immunity

Waltz|Reeves and its attorneys have a long history of defending states, counties and municipalities and their appointees and employees in a wide variety of actions involving allegations of civil rights and torts arising under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act. See, e.g., J.C. v Dungarvin Colorado LLC, 252 P.3d 41 (Ct. App. 2010); Board of County Commissioners of La Plata County v. Moreland, 764 P. 2d 812 (1988); and Bertrand v. Bd of County Commissioners, 872 P2d 229 (1994). The firm’s past government representation includes motor vehicle accidents, premises liability incidents, alleged defective construction of highways/streets, wrongful death claims, wrongful arrest and abuse of force cases and other matters involving government employee alleged malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance actions. Although the firm has not represented governmental entities in the past three years, Waltz|Reeves has represented during that period school districts, child placement organizations, and other quasi-governmental entities for which Colorado’s Governmental Immunity Act was applicable to our client’s defense.

The firm routinely represent clients faced with ADA, workplace retaliation, hostile work environments, and workplace injury claims and suits. Similarly, the firm handles false arrest, excessive force, kidnapping, wrongful detention claims and litigation for private security services. The firm has represented clients faced with racial profiling and discrimination in various contexts, including security services and employment claims. We regularly represent co-defendants of governmental entity defendants in these types of actions.

Waltz|Reeves routinely acts as appellate counsel for its clients before state and Federal appellate courts.

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