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Outside General Counsel

Outside general counsel is an innovative approach to legal services for growing and mature businesses. We offer a team of senior business lawyers with substantial corporate experience who provide corporate counsel services as needed at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full-time, executive-level general counsel or relying exclusively on law firm counsel. Our clients typically develop a working relationship with one of our lawyers and yet, have access to the whole team for specific subject-matter experience.

As business owners know, companies of every size face decisions every day, from employees, to suppliers, to vendors, to competitors and beyond, all of which raise legal issues and the possibility of litigation. As a result, every business really needs legal guidance, but most businesses don’t have the need or resources for a full-time in-house legal department, which means they have to decide whether to turn to outside general counsel.

While large companies can afford to pay the salary of a seasoned in-house lawyer or even staff an entire legal department, this simply is not realistic for most small or medium-sized businesses. And even when a business has attorneys to handle legal matters, business owners often find themselves spending a great deal of time managing these issues, which takes time away from what they should be doing: managing their business.

To solve this dilemma, Waltz|Reeves offers on-demand outside general counsel services and support. Our firm is an alternative to an in-house legal department that allows us to serve as your outside general counsel at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-house lawyer. We offer two programs.

Retained outside counsel services permit you to set a monthly budget. We use that time to address day-to-day legal questions that face your business or to focus on specific matters that require the attention of a lawyer. For a fixed monthly fee, your business gains consistent, valuable legal advice. You add predictability to your bottom line and manage expenses while mitigating the risk of legal exposure and helping your company to grow.

Alternatively, our a la carte services allow you the flexibility to engage general counsel services when needed at an hourly rate, but our rates tend to be much lower than what law firms usually charge for a comparable experience. This is especially helpful to emerging and young companies with inconsistent legal needs and limited resources.  This more limited engagement is often used for contract review and negotiations, employee manual development, and legal issues that come sporadically as your company grows.

Under both programs, your business gains sound legal advice from a seasoned and experienced general counsel.  Our general counsel services are a less expensive alternative to traditional in-house legal counsel or even external general counsel. Just as you can outsource payroll services, recruiting and training, or marketing and public relations, with our on-demand general counsel services, you can also outsource your legal needs. Your monthly legal fees will be predictable and you will gain the expertise of an experienced business attorney who can offer advice, help mitigate risk, and manage special counsel if the need should arise.

How It Works

Like a full-time in-house counsel, your Waltz|Reeves lead attorney can have email addresses on your email system, have an extension on your phone system, and take other steps to be part of your management team. With our corporate experience and substantial industry knowledge, we get up to speed quickly on your business and, like an in-house lawyer, develop an intimate knowledge of your internal systems and external relationships.

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