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Crisis Management and Rapid Response

The hours following a serious event such as an explosion, product failure, or trucking accident are critical. In casualty litigation involving catastrophic injury or death, the race often goes to the swift. Being ready to respond at a moment’s notice and taking immediate steps to protect the client is the surest path to a positive outcome. This is the time to take immediate action to deploy investigators and experts, collect and preserve important evidence, gather information, talk to witnesses and provide informed legal counsel to your company and driver. Having the right people on the scene when you need them can mean the difference between a successful resolution and a significant loss.

When faced with an event that gives rise to significant legal, financial, and public relations exposure, corporate management needs more than ever to remain focused on running its business. Waltz|Reeves crisis management team can free management to focus on the bottom line and help steer the company through difficult times. Our lawyers are experienced in handling multifaceted problems. Whether it is “bet the company” litigation, a governmental inquiry, regulatory proceedings, or a criminal investigation – or, as is often the case, a combination of law enforcement, oversight, and public relations inquiries – our lawyers have helped leading businesses prepare and respond, minimize legal exposure, and protect the reputation of management and the organization.

Our clients seek our assistance when dealing with a crisis because of our versatile lawyers and the multidimensional strategic plans we tailor to the individual client’s circumstances. We have decades of success in providing clients with coordinated political, business, public relations, and legal advocacy.

Waltz|Reeves has the expertise and pre-established network of professionals to immediately respond to our clients’ needs with one call. We have assembled a team of outstanding professionals in the industry who are also on call 24/7 in the event of a serious accident, including accident reconstruction experts, field investigators and independent adjusters. With the assistance of these individuals, our rapid response attorneys can immediately begin the investigation of a serious accident taking into consideration our client’s interests with an eye toward preserving and collecting information likely to have a major impact during subsequent litigation.

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