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Waltz|Reeves’ insurance practice provides seasoned counsel and litigation services to insurance companies and corporations throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We work with C-level executives, vice presidents of claims, in-house legal counsel and claims representatives for businesses and insurers to advise on insurance coverage, defend bad faith claims and litigate first-party and third-party insurance claims.

We understand the complexities of insurance coverage matters that arise because we have been there before. Upon evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a particular coverage position, we devise options and strategies for how the company should proceed.  We take a common-sense approach in recommending the course of action that will achieve the best result under the circumstances.

We counsel our clients about their duty to defend and pay in cases of significant injury, property damage, construction defects, advertising injury and business torts. We also represent insurance companies against other insurers (provided there is no conflict) and enforce tenders for them to defend and indemnify an insured party. Along the same lines, we also handle disputes involving excess carrier claims against primary carriers, analyzing these often high-stakes situations to determine what coverage exists and the extent and priority of the coverage. We then strategize with our clients to develop an approach that best serves and protects their interests.

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