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Commercial Litigation

Our business and commercial litigation lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge to handle a wide range of commercial litigation. Waltz|Reeves is a dedicated litigation firm with hundreds of business and corporate litigation cases under its belt. Our lawyers have represented individuals and businesses across a multitude of business law matters in a variety of venues and at all stages of litigation. Waltz|Reeves is prepared to resolve claims through negotiation and mediation where possible, arbitration where available, and all the way through trial where necessary. We are focused, first and foremost, on furthering your business goals, and we will tailor our representation to your concerns. We will protect your business interests, your reputation, and your individual needs. We aim to resolve any form of business dispute in a manner that is most efficient, effective, fair, and painless for everyone involved. Our firm will be with you every step of the way.

At Waltz|Reeves we have years of experience handling claims across a wide range of business law arenas, helping our clients get justice and companies defend their practices against unsupported allegations. We serve clients fielding claims including, but not limited to, breach of contract, unfair competition, shareholder disputes, and employment disputes.

We aim to resolve issues internally or informally where possible, but we have plenty of experience fighting matters all the way through trial and beyond. We focus on getting efficient and effective results, and we will work with you to structure our representation around your needs.

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